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The topic of using the agricultural version of a gyroplane to protect maize against the European corn borer was covered in the magazine published by the University of Life Sciences, Aktualności UP issue 2-2014, p. 20.

Aktualności UP kwiecień-czerwiec 2014 rok XVIII nr 2(70)

Aktualności UP April-June 2014 XVIII issue 2(70)

Article titled Wiatrakowiec w ochronie lasu [Gyroplane ‒ protector of the forest] in the magazine Las Polski issue 17/2014 p. 24.

In July 2013, we performed maize protection operations against the European corn borer in maize plantations in the Veneto Agricultura Experimental Agricultural Station in Italy, in the Venice region. As many as two to three attacks by this pest have been observed in this region.

An article by Ryszard Romanowski, titled Renesans wiatrakowców (Renaisssance of the gyroplane) in the magazine Projektowanie i konstrukcje inżynierskie issue 9 (72) September 2013.