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Despite extensive work undertaken in the 1950s to the 1980s, the Polish agricultural aviation market has not developed much recently and is still based on outdated technology regarding both aviation (AN 2, Dromader planes or Mi2 helicopters, which are losing their flight capabilities due to age) and spraying equipment. The only forest protection procedures currently executed are those that are required by the regulations of plant protection law. Airplanes and helicopters are effective for areas covering hundreds of hectares, but for areas as small as several dozen hectares they become unprofitable.

Using a gyroplane that can operate in the direct vicinity of the field to be sprayed significantly reduces the costs of the procedure and allows quick response to particular needs. Smaller turning circles and low requirements for landing sites (grassy fields) are advantages which suit those areas that until recently have been unprofitable to protect for economic reasons.

The demand for such services is huge, but it requires the solving of many technical problems to obtain the desired coverage and uniformity of spraying, which are essential conditions of success.Air Agropresents a cutting-edge approachto the question of aircraft and spraying equipment, and also to the issues of guidance, recording and reporting procedures. Air Agro has undertaken spray tests over forests near Piła and biological protection procedures involving the introduction of Trichogramma to maize fields. The initial 800 ha protected in 2013 grew to 5,000 ha in 2014, which shows the volume of demand.

The equipment used for agricultural aerial spraying is often a mixture of homemade solutions combined with outdated technology, which causes many problems in field conditions. A comprehensive approach to the subject and the creation of the gyroplane – spraying equipment - navigation system fills that gap in the market, constituting an unprecedented solution on a global scale. It also reduces the costs of the procedure by a factor of 2 to 3. The employees have the necessary qualifications to apply plant protection products using land-based and aerial equipment.

Using ultra-light gyroplanes for agricultural aerial applications creates a new, safe and effective technological perspective for crop and forest protection in terms of costs, effectiveness, and manoeuvrability.