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The ZEN 1 gyroplane, agro version, has been modified by Air-Agro for plant protection procedures in agriculture and forestry. The package includes:

  • a variant for spraying pests, equipped with atomisers or pressurised sprayers and a 150-litre liquid tank.
  • a variant for maize crop biological protection, equipped with biological agent applicators.

An additional element for all variants is a satellite navigation system that facilitates accurate flight guidance.

ZEN 1 is an ultra-light aircraft manufactured by Artur Trendak & Son – Polska, Jaktorów Kolonia (certificate of airworthiness: USP-005).


A gyroplane is an aircraft from the rotorcraft family, equipped with a rotor and a pusher prop. The rotor is not powered by a motor, but is driven by a phenomenon known as autorotation. The forward motion of the aircraft due to the pusher propeller causes the rotor to spin as the air passes over its aerofoil shape.Taking off and landing a gyroplane only requires a very short area, such as a meadow Another important advantage of a gyroplane is its high speed (90 km/h) compared to a tractor, and its manoeuvrability and safety of flight.The use of gyroplanes results in lower requirements for a landing site and flight technique, as compared to helicopters or airplanes, and the work may be carried out with high precision in smaller areas.